FLIPR - Living Postcards


 FLIPR is a mobile application for creating simple, geo-located animations. FLIPR is a flip book, where a flip can be created by a single person, or can be a collaborative project to which many people can contribute photos.  The application aims to understand the relationship between mobile devices as media producers and urban spaces. It functions as a collaborative storytelling tool that allow to capture the change and hurried aspects of urban life through developing fun animations.

You can download FLIPR on Google Play to contribute to fun stories around the world.


My role:

  • Project Leader. Manage the research and development process,  organize the competition and make user studies. 


- 2013

URL: https://mobile.mit.edu/flipr/


                                                                                              FLIPR application interface.png

People used FLIPR to create fun animations by taking a sequence of photos at different times, locations or animating 2D objects.

This is a compilation of produced flips during the competition.

  Flip -  Looking Out At Boston 2

Flip - Looking Out At Boston 2

  Flip -  Yellow Tree 2

Flip - Yellow Tree 2

  Flip -  Breakfast

Flip - Breakfast

  Flip  - 3 Samurais

Flip - 3 Samurais