A strategic report that explores the potential business and social opportunities of big data analysis for a telecom company (AVEA). The report framed in 3 sections: 

  1. Identify future key market trends and opportunities in big data analysis.
  2. Understand the specific proprieties of the AVEA available data set and define specific computational requirements.
  3. By considering the existing (or future) company's commercial and community partnership, develop scenarios to illuminate business and social opportunities. 

Number of initial concepts has been presented to illustrate how the road map may inform the definition of new advertisement models.  Preliminary experimentation with anonymous data was done to study how power user analysis can be effectively implemented.

My role:

  • Project Leader. Manage the research project, develop guidelines and concepts, coordinate students.

 - 2013

Publication in progress.


Design Process                                                                                          

Design Process                                                                                          

Opportunity Areas

BIG DATA 02a.jpg
BIG DATA 02b.jpg
BIG DATA 02c.jpg
BIG DATA 02d.jpg

 Power User Analysis visualizing through parallel coordinates graph. 

Strategic Roadmap