Smart Living - The Future of Connected Objects

Today, the home is being reimagined as a platform to integrate personal equilibrium into people’s everyday lives. Smart home technologies have been explored in many ways, from remote interfaces to interactions with smart appliances, NFC enabled devices that communicate with each other, dashboard controlled monitoring platforms supporting ‘The Internet of Things’, embedded sensor technologies, Wi-Fi voice and gestural enabled devices and products that synthesize personal information to help people make smart decisions, and create social interactions for their everyday wellbeing.

The Smart Living project envisions the human behavior that are born from the interactions between the space and physical objects. These physical objects embed the advanced technologies in the house to create new behaviors where people can experience and adapt in their living space.

With AveaLabs, the Turkish telecom company, we rethought the future living and the digital products and services that supported the experience. Using a human-centered design approach and our extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, we designed physical products as well as mobile experiences around smart living spaces.

My role:

  • Design and Project Lead


URL: Project website

The four Smart living projects look at ways to enhance interaction between emerging devices and dwellers.


A wearable clip with a mobile application for entertaining in smart living spaces with different means of digital devices.


A set of smart textile for harvesting and consuming energy in a more rigidless way in smart living spaces.

The box of holding

An intelligent container system that helps to store digitally tagged objects and enhances the relation of memory and physical objects in smart living spaces through RFID and an accompanying application.

A smart kitchen appliance that augments and explores different means of shared cooking experience in smart living spaces.