ATLAS - The New design tool for mapping customer experiences

How does a company manage its user experience across more than 100 software products and services? Atlas is an internal tool we created for analyzing user experiences as customers move through company's complex ecosystem.

Our Service Design Team found itself spending a lot of time mapping the complex experiences we were designing for at the company. Despite that, the tools we used to map and communicate those experiences each had major pain points for our designers. Therefore we have created a system to enhance our process for experience mapping. The cloud-based tool allows users to create and share interactive customer journey maps by layering various data points and help you analyze the pain points and discuss opportunities.

My role:

  • Design and Product Lead - Create the vision of this product and lead the design and project activities from ideation through implementation.

- 2016 - ongoing

Keynote speaker at X Summit 2016 and 2017


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