FLIPR - Living Postcards

FLIPR is a fun way to make collaborative time-lapse animations. It is a mobile application for creating simple, geo-located animations such as living postcards. FLIPR is a flip book, where a flip can be created by a single person, or can be a collaborative project to which many people can contribute photos.  The application aims to understand the relationship between mobile devices as media producers and urban spaces. It functions as a collaborative storytelling tool that allow to capture the change and hurried aspects of urban life through developing fun animations.


For a competition sponsored by the Turkish mobile phone company Avea, the Mobile Experience Lab created a fun way to make collaborative time-lapse animations. Our objective was to explore how time-lapse photography could be designed to improve a social construction of reality. The mobile application we developed, FLIPR, allows an individual or a group of people working collaboratively across time at the same location to tell a story through digital media. The app eases the process of lining up subsequent frames displays the location of nearby “flips” to users as they travel through a city.

FLIPR was featured in Google Play to contribute to fun stories around the world. 

My role:

  • Project Leader. Manage the research and development process, organize the competition and make user studies.


- 2013

URL: https://design.mit.edu/projects/flipr


A Platform for Crowd-Sourced Projects in Time-Lapse Photography

FLIPR application interface.png

People used FLIPR to create fun animations by taking a sequence of photos at different times, locations or animating 2D objects.

This is a compilation of produced flips during the competition.

Flip -  Looking Out At Boston 2

Flip - Looking Out At Boston 2

Flip -  Yellow Tree 2

Flip - Yellow Tree 2

Flip -  Breakfast

Flip - Breakfast

Flip  - 3 Samurais

Flip - 3 Samurais